Friday, January 30, 2009

Dear Diary,

Dear Diary,

I am so sad today because because I kind of heart my self my knee and my wrist my mom was crying but I told her don't cry she said OK fine.We got a new aparment is small but is OK.
I was watching captain video.Something happend today Larry ran away I was so sad that I was crying.Then I ran away to but yous to be with Sal I was waiting in the zoo I met a lot of thing so it was cool.

sincerly Jennings

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today I attack Butch. It feel good when I talk to butch.Also today Mark told me that
we are friends. I am was so happy. When he told me that we were friends I felt really good to have a friend and also I made another friend. I think her named is Stacy she really nice but
she talks to much and fast. Also I am happy because I get to take home Doggie I felt so excited and I think my new home is going to be nice and is going to have nice people but I hope I get to go with my mom again.

Well I wanted to tell my mom when I see her if I do a lot of stuff.Well I don't like the carpenters because they give bad food and the lady is not treating me well.I did like it better orphan because they did give good food and I have friend name Mark and I miss him so I am so sad but what I really miss is my home my mom my brother I miss them so much.

Today my mom pick me up from the homes she told me if I had fun I didn't say anthing.
Then I told my mom you promise me not take us there no more to the homes she said I
know but I have too I was sick and she cry so I didn't say anything so I wont make her more cry.
Then my mom told me I got a surprised for you I got so happy I was thinking is was a bike.

Dear Diary,
Today I went to school again I was going to go to my sit but I won't get my ear pull.I stand
there for a long time was getting bored then I saw Walter coming and he told something to my teacher and he pull me to go with and find a better school. I was surprised and happy. Also Larry was playing hooky instead of going to school. He told me if i want to play it but I know is all the way to Manhattan. Larry told me if i want to play I said, "No" because is to far way and not by ourselves. We might get lost.

Dear Diary 1/29/09

Today I went to other orphange but is the different is call welfare Bureau the orphange is o.k but is different.I was in the playground looking outside then I saw Mack I was so happy I did know that he was here I was so suprised I saw him I was kind of crying but then I felt better .Then we were talking about my brothers Jerome then Mack said I wish we were brothers but is impossible because we are not brothers .Then I said but wait we could be brothers.Then we became brothers for know then we talk about Sal I told him that he could take Mack with him he said no nobody want a fat slop he said.Then we went to sleep I let Mack borrow doggie because I think he need him.Then something happend Mack fainted I was so sad then I fainted then a lady but in the corner because what I did but I hope he is o.k.Ones Larry told me is not good liking people but I said I think is good because you get to learn about them then you will see if you like that person.

Valentines Day almost valentines day and I am going to see a lot of people in the store.Also is almost the valentines

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thalia.A birthday

Today was Thalia birthday she was happy all her friends said happy birthday to her and the give her gifts by Carla and her other friend so she was so happy

Tuesday, January 13, 2009



Monday, January 12, 2009

The weekend

My weekend was the best.Saturday was fun I went to church to learn piano is really fun because my guy best friend teach me.Then at 4:00 is practice with all my friend I sing with my girl best friend and three adult so is really fun .Then Sunday I go again to church but with my parent and sisters and that day I dance with my girl best friend and some kids and it really fun so that what I do and also I go on Fridays with my family but there I sing.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Bathroom

The bathroom is not cool well the girls bathroom is nasty and some of the doors do not
work.It has to have color and a mirror and the doors has to be fix. The
soap is smell so nasty it smell like metal so the girls bathroom has to be fix.
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The sweaters

Yesterday we got new sweaters it cool and nice but is to big for all of us
is black with yellow so is cool I wish it was black with red.
Teacher and some kids want of this sweaters but there no more
so we are the only ones who has it.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I am so happy happy happy today because
is almost Friday then Saturday and no school.
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