Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I went to parent teacher confident like at 7:00.I saw all my teacher in one class.There was not a lot people well there was no people at all waiting.They was talking about what I do in school and how I behave which every teacher said that they like having in class and that I am a wonderful student .Then they was talking about my grade and then they said I did great on there class but need to do more good in Social Studies also they said that I have to participate gym I told them that I don't like playing or going anything but I will try.In other classes I did great so of them I got an 84-92 but I did good my average was 82.50 which it was good.My parent was happy and proud of me but they told me that I can do better.So I was SOOOO HAPPY!.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The best trip everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

The 7th grade went to a trip we went to Lake Compounce.Lake Compounce was located in Bristol, Connecticut it was a long ride.I think we leave at 8:30 or 9:00.It took us like and hour to get to bus.It took 2 hour on the bus but it was fun we was watching movie and taking picture and some of us was sleeping.The trip in the park was fun there was a lot of people but it was the best.I was with my group waiting for my teacher Ms.Sa because there was a litter problem so we stay with her the rest of the people left with there group.The movie that we was watching was harry potter and Batman.In the bus I felt nauseous but I went to sleep for a little while and then I woke up and I felt ok.I felt this way because I get car sick so I can not stay in the car for a long time.

Once I arrived I was going to look all the ride and see which one we would get on it first.When I saw the park it was amazing and it was so big.In my group it was Carla,Heidi,Carolyn,Larolyn and me and the teacher that was with us Ms.Sa.The first ride was Zoomerang well the only people that went was Larolyn and Ms.Sa and the rest of us stay because it was scary.The other rides we when was Ghost hunter,bumper car,boulder dash,America Flyers, Wave swinger and Giant wheel.My favorite rides was the the Ghost hunter and the wave swinger because it was so fun the ghost hunter was scary because there was ghost and the lite were of.The wave swinger also was my favorite one because it was spinning and it was so cool.The ride that I did not like at all was the American Flyer because it was so boring the only thing that did is fly that is it.In the ghost hunter was fun I was screaming and who was with me was Heidi and she was screaming too and Larolyn was in back of me with Carla and she was screaming in my ear and that what make me scream too.Ms.Sa when in the
boulder dash,ghost hunter and in the wave swinger and that is it.There was food in there and I order chicken and fries and the soda was free.I like my food it taste good.

The last ride I went was the American Flyer.I also saw many food and sweet treat and a lot of soda and a give shop.The bus ride home was the best and fun because we was taking a lot of picture and some of us was sleeping again.The movie we watch at last was batman.What I like the most was all the rides and the stuff that I bought.I will love to go back and go all of the rides and have fun.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Weekend

My weekend was the best and fun.I went to church on Friday and all my friends was there and my mom came late but she make it.Then Saturday I came to church too and not that much people cames to practice.There was a dinner for the married people but my parent did not came.Then Sunday I went and I took a quiz and I got only 1 wrong but it did not matter.Then I forgot that they was going to be a car wash and I did not knew but I could not do it because I was with the kids.The guys was doing that so everything went well so then I went to Brooklyn park and it was fun I was playing baseball and soccer.When I was playing soccer I got kick and know I had a black and blue then we were talking and then we when home and we went to sleep.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Thursday was fun I went to church and I saw my brother and my litter friend.My friend was was there I was playing with the litter girls.Then I was talking to my sisters and friends because they was talking to Vanessa.Then I was using the computer and I went to hotmail and gmail and blogger and I look see what I have.Then my brother told me can I use the laptop just to see my email I said OK.Then he finish so I went to my gmail and then we was talking a lot and we were laughing.Then he was telling me something that it was sad but I could do anything to make him happy.Then we had to go home and we said bye and then I was home and I went to sleep.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Yesterday I went to church.I was practicing with all my friends.My best friend was there well my 2 best friends was there.Then we was singing and having fun then this litter girl was going up and down and jumping and not staying still so I told her something and she calm down then she wanted to be with her mom and I say no you can't be with you because she is practicing I told her in a nice way.Then she was crying and I said there no crying in here in a nice way and then she was so tired that she went to sleep.Then we was talking about a trip that they want to do and then the leader ask the people who is going I say that I am going she said OK and more said that they was going too.Then it finish and we all said bye and some people stay talking.Then I went home and I was tired that I went to sleep.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This is my mom and my twin sisters.

Sisters and cousin

This are Carla sister and cousin and the other ones are my twin sisters.They all go to the same school.


Yesterday it was crazy.I went to school and I stay the whole day working with Mr.Ackerman I went home at 5:00.It was dot2dot and a lot of people came Heidi family came and Carla family and my parent and.Then went I got home I fall asleep then my parent woke me up because we was going to church.Then we went to church I was there in church and Mayu was there and she was in class alone and I told her that her sister is here she said no.Then I remember that my sisters was not Mayu friends but then I went inside with Mayu and we was playing and laughing .Then Mayu become Sandy friend and they was playing too.Then Mayu become Kelly friend too so they was all happy.Then we went home and I went to sleep. Then I could not go to sleep because I went to sleep already but I did not care I was listening to music and then I went to sleep.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Reflection on Dot to Dot

What was your amendment?5th amendment part 1
What was your amendment about?Our amendment talk about the bill of right and the people who create the bill of right and the human right.
What was your favorite part of the project and why?My favorite part was that I got to work with my best friend and that we help each other.
What was your least favorite part of the project and why?My least favorite part was that we taught that we never will finish it time but we did.
What do you think you did the best on your project?I think we did the best in the project because we work really hard.
What could you do better next time?What we could do better is write more make it a litter bit of fun.


Tomorrow is dot2dot and what I know is that is going to crazy.There are going to be people walking all around.There are also going to come many parent and kids.Tomorrow i going to come for dot2dot I going to work with Mr.Ackerman and I know we are going to do a lot of stuff.Dot2Dot is going to start 1:00 and it end at 5:00 that means we are going to stay in school for a long time.I told my mom that I going to stay she said OK.My friends are also going to stay and they are also going to work with Mr.Ackerman too.Then after dot2dot finish I am going to relax and have fun because tomorrow I am going to have fun but I am going to be tired.So dot2dot is coming soon really soon.

My Weekend

My weekend was the best.On Friday like always I went to church but with out my parent and sisters because my mom was felling bad so I went with other parent.Then I saw my friends and my litter girls.Then I was helping Carla with the kids.Then we went home and they was making jokes.Then Saturday I went to church again and I had fun and also the kids was crying and I had to control them.Then I went home and my mom and dad was cleaning because people was coming and they did and there was a lot of food.We eat and laugh and see the soccer game on the T.V.Then they was screaming so much.Then it was Sunday I went to church and I saw some of my friends then I stay but then I had to leave because we was going some were.Then my dad say no let go to the park so we went and we had a lot of fun.Then I got home and I went to sleep.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday I went to church I had a lot of fun at first but then I did not because I got mad but I kind of mad right now but not the much.I was all my friends talking.Then I went home and then my mom friend said are you OK and I said yes she said for real because I know you when you are mad but I say no everything is OK.Then it was Thursday and I went to church too then I saw my friend and I did not say anything to him but then he said something to me but I was silent.Then my litter girls came and I stared to play with them the Ebert call me and he said what was wrong I say nothing then he say there is something because every time that you come you always say hi to me and this time you did not I say no is that I went with my daddy he OK.Then he said tell me I am you brother you can tell me anything then I was making excuses but then I told him the he said well tomorrow we are going to fix this so I say OK find.So everything was OK.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Weekend

My weekend was fun.On Friday I went to church I was with all my friends and we were talking and just having fun Then I had to go home but my sister invited Maria Jose my sister friend to come to my our house and sleep over with them and her mom said yes so she came with us and they was playing and they were being do funny.Then it was Saturday and I went to church again to practice and all my friend were there and we were having fun too.Also my brother was there and he was mean to me but is because he was bored.Then Sunday we went to church and we took a test and it was not good then there was a party an we all had fun and that is what happened,


Poverty affect the characters because they get the characters sick and they died.They keep getting sick because they don't have no food and no doctor so they keep getting sick.Well I will find a job and I will work harder and the money that I get would be for the us to eat.Also I will try so hard to find a job. That she is not trying to be strong and she is not even trying to find a job for her to work and she is not trying to to give there family a better life.What the father did wrong is that he try to find a job but not hard enough and the money that he had he wasted all on drinking with his friend and he would not give a litter bit of money to buy food to his kids.

They live like this because they did not have a job a good job and not a god place to live.What can help this family is a good job and a safe place so they wont get sick.I do not know anyone that live like this.The poverty is worst in Ireland then American because over there they died and in here they died but not that soon.

Is different the poverty in American because they don't died fast and it take time and in Angela's Ashes they died faster.To don't give up and to keep trying to fin a good job and if they have a litter bit of money don't wasted on drink wasted on food.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Career day

What I like about career day was that every one was happy and that some of them was really interesting of seeing the presentation.I was interesting and some of them because they sound cool and it look interesting because there was a lot of information and a lot of picture but what I really like was the person who career was lawyer because it was so cool.I will like to learn next year about fashion designer and the people want to become a firemen.So it was a crazy career day.

Is almost June

I am so happy is almost June and school is almost over.When is the last day of school I going to come to school and have fun with my friends because is the last day of school and then I going to tell them that I going to miss them because I am.Then in the summer I going to the beach and to the park and to all the place and I going to spend time with my family and my friends and we are going to do party and just have fun.Also I going to have enough sleep.Then also I going to talk to my friends on the phone.So have a fun and great June.ALL OF MY FRIENDS WE ARE GOING TO IN TOUCH.ALSO WISH A GREAT JUNE


Thursday I went to church.I went and I was waiting for my litter girl so I can play with them but somebody was coming but it was not the litter girl it was my brother Ebert and I say hi to him and he went to a room to watch a movie.Then my litter girl cames and I stay with them th whole time and my sisters and me was playing with them.Then my sisters friend came which is Vanessa and we started playing with her too.Then my other fake sister and brother came which it was Maria Jose and Mariano and we was playing with them.Then the litter girl was asking me can I want ice cream and I saw ask your mom they say no I don't want to ask my mom so I say then I don't know.Then Maria Jose and Mariano,Kelly,Sandy was fighting we Vanessa and I was talking to her that what happen she said nothing.Then we was playing and having fun but I hit my self and Ebert starting laughing at me but he still care about me when I got hit.Then I stay a litter while watching the movie.Then it finish and we had to leave home and it was a great day.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

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Yesterday was fun.I went to church and I was singing and I was talking to my friends.We were laughing and yous having fun.Then we were talking then I was talking to my friend.Then we have to go home but we stay talking but then we left.That what my day

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My weekend

My weekend was fun.On Friday I went home early because my dad had to go to sleep early for work.In church I was we the litter kids and they was playing and having fun.Then I was talking with all my friends.Then It was Saturday I went to church and I saw all my friends and we was laughing and talking.Then I went home and my family was there.Then it was Sunday and I went to church and I was with the litter kids helping them and that is it that what happened.

My weekend

My weekend was fun.On Friday I went home early because I was sick I did not feel right.Then I went to church and I had fun I was with my friend and my other friends.Then I had to teach the litter kids which is my class.Then it finish and then I was talking to my friends and then I had to leave so then my sister did something that she not suppose to do and I told her no you are not suppose to do that and I got mad.Then I went home and I went to sleep.Then it was Saturday I did not when to church because I had to go to Rolando house because my parent want to see him and his family.Then it was Sunday and I went to church I was dancing and helping and it was fun I was we my friends yous hanging out.Then Monday I went to 42 street and it was fun I saw all the light and many people but the best part was that my dad buy me ice latte and it taste good.So I had fun this weekend and it was the best.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Today I went to church because my mom have to help the pastor and is kind of boring an fun because I using the laptop.I went to go pick up my sisters from school and it was fun walking.Then we went to church and I was there the hole time in the office and I was not doing nothing.Then I was playing with my sisters and that what happened.

My Weekend

My weekend was fun.On Friday Carla from school came to my house because she was going to come to church with me her sister and her cousin.It was fun they had fun too.They meet my best friend Claudia and my guy best friend Ebert and willy in was fun.They went to class with my sister ans I was in my class teaching it was so fun.We were laughing and eating.My friends said that they like her as a friend.

I write more later

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Tuesday I did nothing.Well I was watching TV and also I went to a circus clown show in PS.58 because my sisters was in it. It was fun and funny we were eating and talking.Also I told my sisters that I want a balloon hat it was so cool.Everyone was having fun and they were all excited.Also I saw all my friends and teacher and they all were nice.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We did IMOVE about Steve Harmon with my group and it was hard but we knew what we were dong and it was fun using IMovie ans we were also learning a lot.The best part of using IMovie was recording the voice because sometime we mess up and but we did not care.On Monday we show our video an people say that it was good and they say we did a great job.That student told us what we need to work on but still they day we did great.Well we really don't remember but they did not told something bad about the video.

We saw other video and I like them but some of them were really bad because they did not finish.I did love one and it was Marijo it was funny and it did have a lot information and it was good.I think our video was good not the best but good.I will say to the other student from other school that first learn how to do IMovie and have fun with it.I think they will understand because the information we say is god and it relate to the book.

To improve our film we are going put better music and better picture.Also talk more and have time to do it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The best mother day ever and the best week.

This weekend was fun.On Friday I went to church and I dance and had fun and teach the kids.Then Saturday I went to church and I practice song and talking then I went home I did nothing.Then Sunday I went to church and I was dancing in front with my best friend Claudia which it was fun.Then I went to change because I had to do a drama.Then we did the drama and we had fun.Then Carla my friend from church told me to get the kids ready to do tell there mother something nice then they went up the stage and they all said something expect the litter girl put there mother were happy.Then me and my friend Claudia said let go up the stage and say something to our mom so we did.We were nerves but first my friends went and one my friend was Ivan and he could not say anything because he started to cry so it make me cry.Then Claudia went and she say something to her mom then when she finish she stared to cry so I started to cry more.Then it was my turn and when they call my name my mom stared to cry because she never saw me there telling her something to her in the stage so I told her that I love her and she is the best mom ever.Then I gave her a hug and a flower and she was happy.Then everything finish and we all went home.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Thursday was fun.I was helping Carla my friend from church clean her classroom because it was mess.We did not finish but almost.I was talking to her and the litter girl that love me so much.M y sister was playing with her friends and talking to the phone.They was playing with a ball and the litter girl were playing too.Then I was cleaning the TV and the book shell and it was fun I was doing it my own way.Also I was talking to the litter girl and the were asking a lot of question and I had to answer then they were having fun.Then it finish and we all went home.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My day

Yesterday was fun.I went to church and we practice 2 song that is it.Then we were practice the drama for mother's day and it was funny and cool every went well then we still practicing and just having fun.Then I was playing we the 2 litter girl and they were sweet so sweet.Then we finish and we went home but after that i was mad because something happened that got me sad.Then Vanessa did something that she is not suppose to do and I got mad but it was all right ans right know I kind still mad.Then I went home I went to sleep.That was mu day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why do I have to think about a career now?

I thinking about careers right know because I want to be better person and be successful when I grow up.Is important because I have to start thinking about my career so I could know what I am going to do in the future.I want to know what I am going to be when I grow up.I know this project is going to help me because when I really know what I want to do I going to try to be a so hd to be a professional and a good one.I start to think about my career because is time for me to start and I am still thinking but I will find something that I will like and be good on it.Sometime I change something I don't but I will know what I like what I really like to do.When I do find what I want to be I will be professional. The best one.

Is Steve Harmon innocent or guilty?

I think he is innocent because he sound innocent.I think he was not the one that did all the bad stuff.I think at night when everybody was sleeping and it when fast.I think that king is the one who plan this and did all the bad stuff.I think Steve know bobo because he was there.I think he is friend because he want to be cool.

Sometimes our friends could influence with bad stuff or good but that happened when you let your self go. Steve was influence by there friend because the pressure him to do bad stuff.No I never did bad stuff just because people tell me to.Is important to choose wisely because you don't want to choose the bad friend and you want to choose good friend.O'Brien feel that he could choose better friends.

I think he is negative influence by them he is not like that .Steve ha nothing in common with my friends because they are not the same.There different is that they are funny and he is not he is in jail and they are not.He want to be cool and that everyone respect him.

My friend

I have friend well he is like my brother he know well he is the brother of Ebert my other best friend.His name Wilson Ramirez and he is so sweet and nice.He is the best person he is always there for me and everyone else.He help you if you have a problem and if you are sad he make you happy and he is like my brother my older brother but is a funny person and he is the best and also he sing and play every instrument and he has a beautiful voice just like his brothers ans sisters.I love him so much as a brother to me and he love every body too.Wilson and Ebert are the best friends and the brothers.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Profile Reflection

My top 3 careerer are performing arts and foreign language, and fine arts like paint and drawing.This are my interested because I like to do all this stuff.I like to performing arts like singing and dancing.I like foreign language because I like to learn new language and about the cultural and I like to fly all over the world.

I was not surprised what I was going to get because that is me that what I like to do.I did find out something that surprised because I never thought that I was going to get fine arts
third I thought that I was not going to have that at all but I do like doing that.Well I already know about my self is that I like performing arts because since I was a litter girl I like to preformed.I new that I like to learn about foreign language because I like to learn different language.So this was my reflection.


Meily is a seventh grade student who has special interests and abilities in school. She described her grades as above average in math, above average in science, above average in reading, and above average in social studies. She seems to have several areas of interest. Her primary interest appears to be in performing arts. She really enjoys various types of performing arts, such as music, dance or drama and may enjoy performing or helping to direct, manage the stage, or design sets!

Meily's second area of interest appears to be in foreign language, as she seems to want to learn another language, explore other cultures, and visit other countries.

Meily's third area of interest appears to be in fine arts. She seems to like color, texture, and creating products, by drawing, painting, or participating in set and costume design, or graphic layouts. She may also be interested in photography.

Meily also has specific preferred instructional styles. Learning or instructional styles are the ways students like to learn and the strategies parents and teachers use to help them learn. Meily has very clearly defined learning preferences. Her preferred instructional style is through technology that helps her to learn by using various interactive multi-media devices and Internet content. Her second choice of learning style is peer tutoring that happens when a student or friend who knows a good deal about something helps or works with her to really understand the topic or material being studied in school. Meily also enjoys lecture, as she likes to listen to interesting information presented to large or small groups of students by her teacher or another adult.

Meily also has a preferred product style. That is, she has certain kinds of products that she likes to complete. Her first product choice is musical. She enjoys listening, playing, and/or thinking about various forms of music. Her second choice of product style is artistic as she likes to draw, paint, or sculpt, and may also enjoy choosing colors and working with design or texture. Meily's third choice of product style is dramatic. She enjoys participating in theatrical performances, such as acting and role-playing.

Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday

This day was fun.Tuesday I was watching the TV until 11:00.Then I was eating and playing some games.Wednesday I was at home I did not went to the trip because I did not want to.What I did is I was watching TV and helping my mom clean.Then something happened I cut my hair it was nice and pretty.Then I want to church and people say your look nice is pretty.I was so happy that I cut my hair but some of my friends say why did you cut your hair it was so pretty long I say because I don't like it long.Then I went home and I was watching TV then I went to sleep.Thursday I went to school and I had fun then I went to church then I was crying but it was because I was allergic to cat so I was in the floor and the fur was there so I star to sneeze and cry but then I was OK so I had fun.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Yesterday it was boring because there was nothing to do yeah I do go to church on Monday but the thing is that the pastor could not come so I did not went.I was watching TV the and playing games with my sister.Then I was eating fruits a lot of fruits and they taste good.Then again I was watching TV.Then I took a shower because I was hot.Then my mom told you want to go walking with us I said no thank she said why because I don't feel like going.Then she ask me something is border you and I say no is just that I don't want to go I will stay here we my dad watching a movie with my dad she OK but promise me you come walking with us tomorrow I say maybe.Then they came back and I was there the hold time.Then I went to sleep.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Racism today

I feel racism still exist because I still here people saying mean stuff about each other or to other people.Well they are many ways to know that Racism exits like when they call to each other or to other people mean name like ''she has a bad laugh'' or ''look at her she ugly because she is white'' so they are many name and ways for me I never say to a person something like because I don't like that.I never experienced racism and I don't know why because I always were fine with people.Steve Harmon did experience racism because they call him monster because what he did and because he was black.

I think there is racism in this country'
s court systems because some people say mean stuff to people in there.Well they can not be fair because they are racism or if they not they it is fair.I think no because he steal and he did bad stuff.I think that she is racism because she was talking mean stuff to him and she is not a good person.

I think that the people feel that our
country's court systems are racism because they some of them goes to does court and they know how they are and what they say about the people or each other.I feel that they are more black people because they do more bad stuff not that is only them but they been doing in it a lot.

My Weekend

My Weekend was fun.Friday I went to church because I had to sing then they put me to teach the litter kids because from know on I have to teach on Friday.Then Saturday I went to church again because I had to go practice and it was fun.I was talking with my friends and having fun and singing but my sister where there because I had to take care of them but a litter girls was there so they where playing with them.Then Sunday I went to church because I had to sing then I went my class with the litter kids because on Sunday I have to help the teacher.Then I went to eat there and we stay a long time.Then I went to the park to central park and it was beautiful and I went with my family and my aunt and uncle,cousin.We where having a lot of fun and I was with my baby cousin which her name is Andrea and she is cute so cute.Then we went home and watch a litter bit of TV then we went to sleep.That was my day.

Friday, April 24, 2009

People call each other names

The names we call are powerful so powerful like for one litter name they make the person really mad and feel sad.Sometime people call each other names well there are many reason like this one like when they come to school and there are fight they get so mad that they don't know how they could expressed them self so for them the easier way for them is to call other people name with out thinking.Sometime they call people name and they don't even know that if they call people name they are hearting them but at the same time they are hearting them self why because my mom tell me that if you call people bad name you don't realize that you are saying to you self.Well I use to call people names when I did not new that I was hearting them so I STOP then I never call people names.I that time i did think how they feel I did not care but then I did.

I think that in the book call Monster this woman call Steve Monster because they accuse him of stealing and killing people too and also because he was a bad person.Well I don't call people name because I don't like that because I think how they feel and then I think that if they say that to me I will feel bad too.Steve feel bad horrible of people calling him MONSTER because he realize that he is not a good men and people are scare of him.Well I think he do feel like a monster because he know what bad stuff he did so maybe he does call him self monster.I think he is because like I say he did a lot of bad stuff and all does bad stuff also refer to killing.I really can say if you are in
innocent or guilty like I have to know him really well.

I think jury does think that he is a monster because he know his case and all the bad stuff he did .If I was Jury I will think that because I will know what bad stuff he did.I think if I was Jury I would feel like the people are telling the true that he is.The book is call MONSTER because he did bad stuff he did not have respect and he kill people and he steal a lot of stores with his group and also because a lot of people knew what he did and they were scared of him so they call him MONSTER.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Friend are special.Friends are nice I am happy I have friends in school and at church.I love having friends.You want to know who are my friends well from church is Claudia,Ebert and Wilson but there is more but they are the only people that I tell my secret more and talk to them.My friends from school are Carla,Heidi,Carolyn,Larolyn,Gri,Linda,and more but the true who I tell my secret is Carla because I trust her more well I trust all of them but I know Carla and we have stuff in common.The stuff in common is her cousin and sister goes to the same school as my sisters and I know her cousin and sister so that is way I tell her more.I love all my friends they are all cool.
Yesterday I did not came to school because something happened.My sisters are sick really sick.My mom told if I can stay we them to take care of them because she was going to work so I did.They were sick the whole and one of them did not wanted to eat.Then my sister went to sleep which was Sandy and Kelly was just in bed.Then my parent came and my mom told me how they were doing and I said OK so they were fine.They were really sick but they are OK,hopefully they don't feel dizzy at school so they can have fun with there friends just like I am having fun.

Monday, April 20, 2009

My week

My Week was the best.I had fun since Friday which it was last week.I had on Sunday which it was last week there was a wedding of Wilson & Rachel and it was the best because it was simple and fast.Then this whole week I took care of Vanessa my sister friend because her mom was working and mom too then Tuesday I went to the park with my family and friend we went to central park it was cold but not the much.Then I went to church and sing then something happened which i can not tell.Then it was Saturday I call my friend that I was not coming to church to practice because I was going to see my baby cousin I was happy that I was going to see her and her brother and sister.Then I went I saw her and she is pretty and so cute her name is Andrea and her sister name is Anahi and her bother name is Angel Gabriel.Then I went to the fair with my cousins so it was fun.Sunday we went again to the fair but with my friends and we had fun for the first time I went to the fairy wheel and it was not scary at all it was fun I went twice and I eat ice cream.Then I went DD and my dad buy me a ice latte and it was good.Then we went home and we went to sleep.So it was the best week.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


What did you learned about hyperboles?What I learn was hyperboles and is not that hard.Hyperboles expression that you say to some one about something our use it as a sentence.
What are they? Hyperboles is like this I went to your house a thousand times or I am a million time tired then you. Why do people use hyperboles? .People use it for not to say the whole think they make more funny or to say more.What are some hyperboles that you use daily?Well I use is I went to pick up my sisters a thousand time and that is it I really don't use hyperbole that much.What is your favorite type of figurative language that you have learned so far?My favorite figurative language is simile because is easier and I came of say it a lot of time.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Monday was a happy day I went to church because my parent had to go because it was something important.I went and my best friend was there Ebert and we were talking we were saying that we were tired and bored.Then he was saying something that make me cry it was something happy and sad and I could stop crying.Then we were playing having fun and saying that he is my brother and I his sister since I always wish to have a big brother so I do.I call him NANO that is his nickname I told him I going to call him that he said OK .Then we were yous talking about many stuff and then it was time to live so we say bye and we said I see you on Wednesday he OK.I had a fun day.

Monday, April 6, 2009

My crazy friend

I have a crazy friend well is sometimes when she feel like it.She is my best friend and she make me laugh sometime not that much she is so cool we have stuff in common like I know her sister and her cousin and she know my sisters and also her cousin and her sister goes to the same school as my sisters is that cool.In school she act crazy when she want to and when she is in class she act normal well sometimes.I know you are like who is my crazy friend well I tell you when I am done.I tell her all my secret and she tell me her so we are so best friend.You want to know who is her well is CARLA she is my best friend.

The best weekend

This week was the best week I had fun with all my friend.My best friend did not came on Friday or Saturday because she was sick really sick but I call her to see how she is doing she said she is OK.Then I was you hang out with my other best friend and my friends we were singing and laughing and yous having fun.I was with my sister on Saturday they had fun too.Then it was Sunday my best friend came I was happy I was hang out with her the hold time.Then she told me a secrete that involve me which I not going to say what it is but I only told Carla.Then we were living to go home but some of us had to stay which is my parent that they had to stay but not for ling time.Then when it finish we went to a buffet with my dad and my mom and me,sister friend and the food was good and I had fun then I went fun and yous relax that is it.I had a lot of fun.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Think and Discuss
In class I learn about proportion how we can solve it.What help me how to solve the proportion was cross multiply.When my teacher tells me solve the proportion I know that I had to cross multiply I remember this because they teach in the 6 grade so I keep working on it so I remember.Is not that hard ones you know it won't be hard.Then ones I multiply I know that is proportion or not.
The error was that that they multiply denominator times
denominator and is not like that is denominator times numerator so is across.

90=90 So it is a proportion.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Today in Church

Today I am in church with my friends and family because on Thursday they always have meeting so my parent have to come.Then also my sisters friends come too and my best friend which is Ebert he also comes so I mostly never get bored.Today I am in Mariano laptop in my blog and in Gmail just checking my message and that is it I almost forget I am also playing dress up too isn't that cool.Also I was playing with my friend Ebert he was hitting so I was hitting him too then he took the laptop but that I let him do that so it was cool.So right now my friend is talking in the phone and I am here so yeah that is it.Wait I almost Forget my sisters are also having fun with there friends and that is so cool.



Yesterday it was fun I was in church it all my friends.We were singing and talking and just having.My dad took to church because the other people could not take me because they were very far away.Also I was in church happy my best friend Ebert say that he see me more happy because he said the sometime I am been sad.Then he said what was wrong that he saw me sad I said no is that I am tired that all he said yeah right I said for real I not lying.Then I said that I promise that I was not sad or mad so he said OK.Then I said I see you tomorrow he yeah.Everything when well.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Going to Connecut

I was mad this past days because every Sunday I had to go to Connecut why because the pastor in my church said to my parent that they had to go to Connecut for 4 days to talk about the bible to 4 people.Then Sunday I went and the man from Connecut told if we want to eat Brazil food it was OK but not that much.This woman was talking to me in portugues which I did not understand nothing and they were watching this TV show in Brazil and it was funny so I had fun.

Today this teacher told us the she want to film us on T.v show and she told us that we had to wear our uniform we all got happy but I did not got that happy because I don't like being in TV maybe when I am older but not now.Then right now we are filming but the teacher is saying that we had to look like we are working but we are really not so she said that we have to look like we are typing witch some of us are not typing but I am typing so is really boring is not fun.So everything is going to be OK.Next we do a lot of stuff now we are finish filming and everybody is happy
1st paragraph-
The game that I enjoyed the most was called
Wizard Poetry. In this game I studied the following skills alliteration and more . In order to win this game I had to read what the goblet sentence and we had to see what figurative language . The thing I enjoyed most about this game was getting point and compitive with my friend . My partner was Heidi. (State whether you or your partner won). To play this game go to this linkWizard Poetry.

2nd paragraph-
The game that I enjoyed the 2nd most was called Pirate Spelling. In this game I studied the following skills was to spell words. In order to win this game I had to know how to spell the words . The thing I enjoyed most about this game was spelling. My partner was Heidi. (State whether you or your partner won). To play this game go to this linkPirate Spelling.

The game that I least enjoyed was called Simile or Metaphor . In this game I studied the following skills simile and metaphor . In order to win this game I had to know all of this. The thing I least enjoyed about this game was that is it was boring. My partner was Heidi. (State whether you or your partner won). To play this game go to this linkSimile or Metaphor.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The games

Today in class we play some games and it was fun we were suppose to have a partner to compete and see who win.We some of the games like figurative language game,and create a metaphor, sink the opponents battleship and it was a lot of fun and sometime I win or my partner so I had a lot of fun and it was easy.I play easy medium and hard and the hard one I lost it was not that hard but they one the took my ship but at list I had fun playing does games.


Saturday I had fun had fun it was the the goodbyes of unmarried of Raquel and Wilson.First what happened was that I got to church at 4:00 to help the people who was getting the stuff very.Then people came and they were sit down in the tables.Next I finish what I was doing then I found out that the pastor from PA is going to come here with his wife and kids and I got so happy because I know them and there kids.Then they came and the first I did is said Hi and then I start to play with kids and they are so cute.The pastor name is Mac and his wife name is Surama and guest what there baby are boys and there name is Brando,Bralit,Bryan and is funny because they are all with the letter B.The big one that has 4 year old is Brando and the smaller one is Bralit that has like 2 years old and the smallest that is about 1 year or months is Bryan and I love them.I was playing with Bralit the whole time then it stared then Mac said can you take care of Bralit and I said yes so I was with him he whole time.Then they pick me to play in a game but I couldn't because I had the baby so my mom said give to me I will take care of him so you can play so I gave him to her and he was screaming but them was OK then the game finish and then I went to sit down and then Bralit open his arms to me to take him and I did.Then we were playing more games then there was one game that is to design a wedding dress out of toilet paper and tape,a bow and if we wanted use something else you only can use it for the hair and only for the hair.Then the choose who won and it was a litter girl from the other group but who cares.Then we just had fun and then they gave the cake and the cake was good so we all had fun and I finally get to see the the baby.Also I almost forgot
my father left the celebration to go with his friend to go see the soccer game at home but then they came back to help clean the stuff and nobody notice.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rolando birthday

Today is Rolando birthday.Rolando is like my father but my second father.Today he turn 48 year old.I am in church today but my parent and me and some other people came early to prepare everything for the suprised party for him then his wife said that he was sad because he though that everyone forget his birthday but we did not.Then his wife said I going to this track him.Then all the people came and there was a lot of people.Then it was the big moment we turn all the lites off and then he came and we all said HAPPY BIRHDAY he got so happy really happy.Then everything was well and we all had fun.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


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Today when I woke up It was beautiful.I when walking by my self because my friend is not hear
but I am not scared.Today in school we learn a lot.So I had fun at lunch.Today I am going to church so I hope I have fun too.

Monday, March 23, 2009


There once was a girl named Claudia.
Who ate crabs until she had cramp.
But the crabs did not care,
To be so nice.
They were so happy.


such lovely kitty
sweet heart,pretty girls,nice and mean

Big day

Raquel and Willson

They are having a wedding

I am so happy

All about me

Sibling of Sandy and kelly
Lover of My sweet family
Who fears people who were mask
Who needs good grades
Who gives help to friend and family
Who would like to see happiness on everybody face
Resident of NY

Journal Assignment

Journal Assignment Two-Step Equations

Name:Meily Herrera

T-mobile charges $34.99 a month for phone service. They also charge $0.48 per minute for long distance calls. If Joshua's bill was $64.75, how many minutes of long distance calls did she make?

Part A - Write an equation that can be used to solve the problem.

Equation: .48m+34.99=64.75

Part B - Solve your equation and answer the question in a complete sentence.

What I did is first is I knew that I had to put m by it self .Then to put m by it self I had to subtract 64.75-34.99 and I got 29.76.Then I still had .48m so I divide .48 ÷29.76 and I got 62.He made 62 minutes.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Funny Honey





Its a happy day
Is to have fun with your friends
Summer is the best.

Singing is the best
I love to sing when I am home
I have so much fun.

Ms.Sa is the best
I love how she teaches math
She is the coolest.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What we learn in the museum

We learn about a lot of things the cultural and history and they also told us stories.
We learn a lot about different cultural there music,dance,clothes.They are so different
there are different clothes we saw there clothes is really different.
We learn that they made clothes out of animal skin and teeth.
Also to get food they had to kill animals which is OK but at they same time is bad.
I also learn that they make parties with mask and I was scared when I saw them.
They also make shoes out of the same skin of animals.That what I learn and I learn more.

A young lady

You must be a young lady name Sue
Who could ride on the road with the flu
you might think I will say
you can come for the play
Then we'll eat my dessert at the zoo.

My blog

My blog is the best
My blog is shiny and pink too.
My blog is like my diary that I write everyday
beautifull the best blog ever.
I love my blog
is so cool.
You can imagen what other color it has.

The best trip

Yesterday I went to a trip to the Native American Museum it was OK it was kind of boring.
First we went to the train Carla Heidi and Ms.Horan and me went together in the same train and we were talking and having fun.Then went to the museum we had to take our stuff out to past through the scan it felt yous like school.Then we put are lunches and are jackets in a box. Then we went to a room to wait for a guy to explain what is the museum about than he took us in the same room to look at the mask and clothes they were weird.Then he took us to the fashion show witch it wasn't one is not like ladies walking with the clothes it yous clothes all over the place.
Then we went to the bathroom and then we went to a litter park right next to n we were eating and taking pictures with our friends and teacher.Then we saw a panda well it was a guy dress as a panda some of the girls went to see him and take pictures with the panda.Next Ms.SA decide to go to the other park next to the museum and the train because it was bigger for us to play.So we had a lot of fun in park also we saw some boys call the positive guys they were dancing and screaming to all of us.Then Ms.Horan took Heidi,Carla and me to see the statue of liberty not that close but we saw it but for Heidi was that first time seeing the statue of liberty for her she was surprised.So everything was the best except when we went to the train to go back home because we did not seat down for the whole ride we were standing up talking and I was tired.Then Zuanette and me went walking back home from the train it was a long walk.I got home at 4:10 because I had to go with Zuanette to pick up her brother than I had to pick my sisters from the bus.So I was so tired but it was the best trip ever.

Friday, March 13, 2009

What happened this week

This week was OK also this week I took the math test.On Tuesday I took
part 1 it was not easy not hard it was in between but I understand it expect one that
I did not know how to do so I guess I still show my work but I now I got it wrong.On Wednesday
I took part 2 also it was also not that hard and not that easy I did not understand some of them
the thing was that I not that good at explaining but I study how to do it but I know I did good.
Part 2 was hard than part 1 because like I said I had to explain and in part one I did not have to explain.I think my grade will be a 3 or a 2 because I try my best to past my test.It took me like an 1 hour in a half to finish the test because I got stuck in one which it was hard and I did go over my answer until I was sure that it was my final score.

Also the quiz I took in ELA it was not that hard once you know everything you are OK .The most
difficult was the part I had to write a poem on AABBA but I still did it.The quiz today was on ELA was hard it was to much writen but I did it still.The grade I think I got is a 75 or 80 I really don't know.

Aim:How Do We Evaluate Algerbraic Expressions?


Math Problem
The Different between variable and constant is that variable it represent a number that can be vary and a constant is
that the number never change it stay the same.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sing Sing Sing Sing
Is The Best
I Love To Sing Yous Like My Sister.
My Friend Also Like Love To Sing

I was crying like a cloud raining
right know I am so sad
I am mad mean I am in a bad mood
nobody bother me at noon
I feel like want to scream so loud (AAAAAA)
Also is like my bed screaming to me to stop crying
I am so sad right know that I am about to cry.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Bff Ebert

I have a BFF he name is Ebert
He is a nice guy and help me a lot
when I need him he is always there
he is like my superman well for us.
I love him so much as a brother
and like I always wish I had a big brother
I told him he is my big brother
also if I cry he try to make me happy
and if he see me cry a lot he cry with me
so that is way I love him and he is my BFF

Monday, March 9, 2009

My BFF Claudia

I have a BFF name Claudia
I new her since I was 8 year old and she was 11 we always together.
She is like a shiny star that glow everyday.
She always with me if I need her.
If I am sad she always find a way to make me laugh .
Even if we fight and we are not talking to each other she is still there for me.
She is like a sister to me we always tell each other secret.
If she cry I cry with her the same thing she does to me.
She is my BFF.

Saturday & Sunday

Saturday and Sunday was worst day ever.I was in the house with my sisters and parent I was bored I had nothing to do only watch TV.My sister was in the living room doing the same thing that I was doing.Then On Sunday my parent had to go to Connecticut in train and they ask me if I want to go I said no thank you I want to stay with my sisters home. Then guess what happened they gave me $14.00 dollar to spend but not only for me but for my sisters and me so I went to the store and I by some stuff I only wasted $7.50 and that is it.Then I went home and do the same thing I was doing last Saturday.So it was the worst day and a good day.

Thursday, March 5, 2009



She goes to school
Heidi,Carla is nice
Carolyn,Gri,Linda is also my friends

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


There was a new teacher from spain who have pain she was insain
Who teach spanish
The Principal came in and said you are the new teacher
And said yes I have pain

Then the kids said she is so insein.

I like Hearts I do it in art there a lot of part that is not that hard
my sister way I say I don't know way
But I like it so much.

Friday, February 27, 2009


I read Bronx Masquerade is about kids life in high school and at home.
They been doing open mike that mean saying a poem they wrote.I meet I a lot of people like Sterling S.Hughes,Tanisha Scott,Devon Hope,Janelle Battle,Diondra Jordan,Lupe Algarin,and more.I like this book because it talk about people life like what happend when they were in high school.Like there life change once they get to
high school.They go to Open Mike to share what they have and there life but as a poem.I like so much that I can not say nothing that I dislike.I can relate not the most but part of it is Lupe Algarin and Sterling S.Hughes.

What I have in common with Lupe is that Lupe and me loves baby.I love them so much that I wish my mom had other one but she doesn't want to because its to much work.I also could relate to
Sterling S.Hughes because she believe in God yous like me.She also believe that she could do better and I believe that I can do better too.I like the characters from Bronx Masquerade then any book because they are like real people like they are the ones that are right there telling us about them.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009




LOVE LOVE LOVE IS THE BEST*QOrbuWhM-sbu47fOx0KoIXhfQ9NaTkyWv1rt7FaQ3oO/hearts2.jpg

My vacation

My vacation was the best even if I was sick I still had fun.Well I was in church practicing dancing and singing.So t was the best.I was with all my friends having fun with no parent on Saturday & Wed and no sisters.I was also eating.My VACATION WAS THE BEST .

Monday, February 23, 2009




Well I think racism is bad I am not like that well not even my friends and my family.
I don't like what they do to black people I feel so bad for them.My sisters and my parent do not like that.I think is not natural because a person choose to be racism or some of them they don't choose to be one.So is natural.

Friday, February 13, 2009


is like a wheel
that spin is hot
I like when I eat at home

Social Studies


Well we are reading about different story Blacks In The Revolution
s really cool I learn that Blacks eagerly took the cause of American freedom fighting in the early confrontation with the British.I learn a lot of new words
disputed well that and more but I don't remember that much only one.
I also learn about
Crispus Attucks Boston protested the British ending of civil liberties so is really series.
I also learn

1st Rhode Island Regiment and is also cool
the 1st Rhode Island Regiment the first all-Black military unit in America so This what I learn.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


My bull is a white silver fish in the river,

White shimmering crane bird on the riverbank,

White fresh milk!

His roar is thunder to the Turkish cannon on the steep shore.

My bull is dark and rain cloud in a storm.

He is summer and winter.

Half of him is dark an storm cloud

Half of him is light like the sunshine.

His back shines like the morning star.

His brow is red like the back of a hornbill.

His forehead is like a flag, calling the people from a distance.

He resembles the rainbow.

I will water him at the river,

With my spear I shall drive my enemies.

Let them water their herds at the well;

The river belongs to me and my bull.

Drink, my bull, form the river; I am here to guard you with my spear.