Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I AM SOO HAPPY 4 NO REASON LoLzs My #1 Bestie is Carla

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I went to parent teacher confident like at 7:00.I saw all my teacher in one class.There was not a lot people well there was no people at all waiting.They was talking about what I do in school and how I behave which every teacher said that they like having in class and that I am a wonderful student .Then they was talking about my grade and then they said I did great on there class but need to do more good in Social Studies also they said that I have to participate gym I told them that I don't like playing or going anything but I will try.In other classes I did great so of them I got an 84-92 but I did good my average was 82.50 which it was good.My parent was happy and proud of me but they told me that I can do better.So I was SOOOO HAPPY!.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The best trip everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

The 7th grade went to a trip we went to Lake Compounce.Lake Compounce was located in Bristol, Connecticut it was a long ride.I think we leave at 8:30 or 9:00.It took us like and hour to get to bus.It took 2 hour on the bus but it was fun we was watching movie and taking picture and some of us was sleeping.The trip in the park was fun there was a lot of people but it was the best.I was with my group waiting for my teacher Ms.Sa because there was a litter problem so we stay with her the rest of the people left with there group.The movie that we was watching was harry potter and Batman.In the bus I felt nauseous but I went to sleep for a little while and then I woke up and I felt ok.I felt this way because I get car sick so I can not stay in the car for a long time.

Once I arrived I was going to look all the ride and see which one we would get on it first.When I saw the park it was amazing and it was so big.In my group it was Carla,Heidi,Carolyn,Larolyn and me and the teacher that was with us Ms.Sa.The first ride was Zoomerang well the only people that went was Larolyn and Ms.Sa and the rest of us stay because it was scary.The other rides we when was Ghost hunter,bumper car,boulder dash,America Flyers, Wave swinger and Giant wheel.My favorite rides was the the Ghost hunter and the wave swinger because it was so fun the ghost hunter was scary because there was ghost and the lite were of.The wave swinger also was my favorite one because it was spinning and it was so cool.The ride that I did not like at all was the American Flyer because it was so boring the only thing that did is fly that is it.In the ghost hunter was fun I was screaming and who was with me was Heidi and she was screaming too and Larolyn was in back of me with Carla and she was screaming in my ear and that what make me scream too.Ms.Sa when in the
boulder dash,ghost hunter and in the wave swinger and that is it.There was food in there and I order chicken and fries and the soda was free.I like my food it taste good.

The last ride I went was the American Flyer.I also saw many food and sweet treat and a lot of soda and a give shop.The bus ride home was the best and fun because we was taking a lot of picture and some of us was sleeping again.The movie we watch at last was batman.What I like the most was all the rides and the stuff that I bought.I will love to go back and go all of the rides and have fun.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Weekend

My weekend was the best and fun.I went to church on Friday and all my friends was there and my mom came late but she make it.Then Saturday I came to church too and not that much people cames to practice.There was a dinner for the married people but my parent did not came.Then Sunday I went and I took a quiz and I got only 1 wrong but it did not matter.Then I forgot that they was going to be a car wash and I did not knew but I could not do it because I was with the kids.The guys was doing that so everything went well so then I went to Brooklyn park and it was fun I was playing baseball and soccer.When I was playing soccer I got kick and know I had a black and blue then we were talking and then we when home and we went to sleep.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Thursday was fun I went to church and I saw my brother and my litter friend.My friend was was there I was playing with the litter girls.Then I was talking to my sisters and friends because they was talking to Vanessa.Then I was using the computer and I went to hotmail and gmail and blogger and I look see what I have.Then my brother told me can I use the laptop just to see my email I said OK.Then he finish so I went to my gmail and then we was talking a lot and we were laughing.Then he was telling me something that it was sad but I could do anything to make him happy.Then we had to go home and we said bye and then I was home and I went to sleep.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Yesterday I went to church.I was practicing with all my friends.My best friend was there well my 2 best friends was there.Then we was singing and having fun then this litter girl was going up and down and jumping and not staying still so I told her something and she calm down then she wanted to be with her mom and I say no you can't be with you because she is practicing I told her in a nice way.Then she was crying and I said there no crying in here in a nice way and then she was so tired that she went to sleep.Then we was talking about a trip that they want to do and then the leader ask the people who is going I say that I am going she said OK and more said that they was going too.Then it finish and we all said bye and some people stay talking.Then I went home and I was tired that I went to sleep.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This is my mom and my twin sisters.