Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today I attack Butch. It feel good when I talk to butch.Also today Mark told me that
we are friends. I am was so happy. When he told me that we were friends I felt really good to have a friend and also I made another friend. I think her named is Stacy she really nice but
she talks to much and fast. Also I am happy because I get to take home Doggie I felt so excited and I think my new home is going to be nice and is going to have nice people but I hope I get to go with my mom again.

Well I wanted to tell my mom when I see her if I do a lot of stuff.Well I don't like the carpenters because they give bad food and the lady is not treating me well.I did like it better orphan because they did give good food and I have friend name Mark and I miss him so I am so sad but what I really miss is my home my mom my brother I miss them so much.

Today my mom pick me up from the homes she told me if I had fun I didn't say anthing.
Then I told my mom you promise me not take us there no more to the homes she said I
know but I have too I was sick and she cry so I didn't say anything so I wont make her more cry.
Then my mom told me I got a surprised for you I got so happy I was thinking is was a bike.

Dear Diary,
Today I went to school again I was going to go to my sit but I won't get my ear pull.I stand
there for a long time was getting bored then I saw Walter coming and he told something to my teacher and he pull me to go with and find a better school. I was surprised and happy. Also Larry was playing hooky instead of going to school. He told me if i want to play it but I know is all the way to Manhattan. Larry told me if i want to play I said, "No" because is to far way and not by ourselves. We might get lost.

Dear Diary 1/29/09

Today I went to other orphange but is the different is call welfare Bureau the orphange is o.k but is different.I was in the playground looking outside then I saw Mack I was so happy I did know that he was here I was so suprised I saw him I was kind of crying but then I felt better .Then we were talking about my brothers Jerome then Mack said I wish we were brothers but is impossible because we are not brothers .Then I said but wait we could be brothers.Then we became brothers for know then we talk about Sal I told him that he could take Mack with him he said no nobody want a fat slop he said.Then we went to sleep I let Mack borrow doggie because I think he need him.Then something happend Mack fainted I was so sad then I fainted then a lady but in the corner because what I did but I hope he is o.k.Ones Larry told me is not good liking people but I said I think is good because you get to learn about them then you will see if you like that person.

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