Friday, May 29, 2009

Career day

What I like about career day was that every one was happy and that some of them was really interesting of seeing the presentation.I was interesting and some of them because they sound cool and it look interesting because there was a lot of information and a lot of picture but what I really like was the person who career was lawyer because it was so cool.I will like to learn next year about fashion designer and the people want to become a firemen.So it was a crazy career day.

Is almost June

I am so happy is almost June and school is almost over.When is the last day of school I going to come to school and have fun with my friends because is the last day of school and then I going to tell them that I going to miss them because I am.Then in the summer I going to the beach and to the park and to all the place and I going to spend time with my family and my friends and we are going to do party and just have fun.Also I going to have enough sleep.Then also I going to talk to my friends on the phone.So have a fun and great June.ALL OF MY FRIENDS WE ARE GOING TO IN TOUCH.ALSO WISH A GREAT JUNE


Thursday I went to church.I went and I was waiting for my litter girl so I can play with them but somebody was coming but it was not the litter girl it was my brother Ebert and I say hi to him and he went to a room to watch a movie.Then my litter girl cames and I stay with them th whole time and my sisters and me was playing with them.Then my sisters friend came which is Vanessa and we started playing with her too.Then my other fake sister and brother came which it was Maria Jose and Mariano and we was playing with them.Then the litter girl was asking me can I want ice cream and I saw ask your mom they say no I don't want to ask my mom so I say then I don't know.Then Maria Jose and Mariano,Kelly,Sandy was fighting we Vanessa and I was talking to her that what happen she said nothing.Then we was playing and having fun but I hit my self and Ebert starting laughing at me but he still care about me when I got hit.Then I stay a litter while watching the movie.Then it finish and we had to leave home and it was a great day.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

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Yesterday was fun.I went to church and I was singing and I was talking to my friends.We were laughing and yous having fun.Then we were talking then I was talking to my friend.Then we have to go home but we stay talking but then we left.That what my day

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My weekend

My weekend was fun.On Friday I went home early because my dad had to go to sleep early for work.In church I was we the litter kids and they was playing and having fun.Then I was talking with all my friends.Then It was Saturday I went to church and I saw all my friends and we was laughing and talking.Then I went home and my family was there.Then it was Sunday and I went to church and I was with the litter kids helping them and that is it that what happened.

My weekend

My weekend was fun.On Friday I went home early because I was sick I did not feel right.Then I went to church and I had fun I was with my friend and my other friends.Then I had to teach the litter kids which is my class.Then it finish and then I was talking to my friends and then I had to leave so then my sister did something that she not suppose to do and I told her no you are not suppose to do that and I got mad.Then I went home and I went to sleep.Then it was Saturday I did not when to church because I had to go to Rolando house because my parent want to see him and his family.Then it was Sunday and I went to church I was dancing and helping and it was fun I was we my friends yous hanging out.Then Monday I went to 42 street and it was fun I saw all the light and many people but the best part was that my dad buy me ice latte and it taste good.So I had fun this weekend and it was the best.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Today I went to church because my mom have to help the pastor and is kind of boring an fun because I using the laptop.I went to go pick up my sisters from school and it was fun walking.Then we went to church and I was there the hole time in the office and I was not doing nothing.Then I was playing with my sisters and that what happened.

My Weekend

My weekend was fun.On Friday Carla from school came to my house because she was going to come to church with me her sister and her cousin.It was fun they had fun too.They meet my best friend Claudia and my guy best friend Ebert and willy in was fun.They went to class with my sister ans I was in my class teaching it was so fun.We were laughing and eating.My friends said that they like her as a friend.

I write more later

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Tuesday I did nothing.Well I was watching TV and also I went to a circus clown show in PS.58 because my sisters was in it. It was fun and funny we were eating and talking.Also I told my sisters that I want a balloon hat it was so cool.Everyone was having fun and they were all excited.Also I saw all my friends and teacher and they all were nice.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We did IMOVE about Steve Harmon with my group and it was hard but we knew what we were dong and it was fun using IMovie ans we were also learning a lot.The best part of using IMovie was recording the voice because sometime we mess up and but we did not care.On Monday we show our video an people say that it was good and they say we did a great job.That student told us what we need to work on but still they day we did great.Well we really don't remember but they did not told something bad about the video.

We saw other video and I like them but some of them were really bad because they did not finish.I did love one and it was Marijo it was funny and it did have a lot information and it was good.I think our video was good not the best but good.I will say to the other student from other school that first learn how to do IMovie and have fun with it.I think they will understand because the information we say is god and it relate to the book.

To improve our film we are going put better music and better picture.Also talk more and have time to do it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The best mother day ever and the best week.

This weekend was fun.On Friday I went to church and I dance and had fun and teach the kids.Then Saturday I went to church and I practice song and talking then I went home I did nothing.Then Sunday I went to church and I was dancing in front with my best friend Claudia which it was fun.Then I went to change because I had to do a drama.Then we did the drama and we had fun.Then Carla my friend from church told me to get the kids ready to do tell there mother something nice then they went up the stage and they all said something expect the litter girl put there mother were happy.Then me and my friend Claudia said let go up the stage and say something to our mom so we did.We were nerves but first my friends went and one my friend was Ivan and he could not say anything because he started to cry so it make me cry.Then Claudia went and she say something to her mom then when she finish she stared to cry so I started to cry more.Then it was my turn and when they call my name my mom stared to cry because she never saw me there telling her something to her in the stage so I told her that I love her and she is the best mom ever.Then I gave her a hug and a flower and she was happy.Then everything finish and we all went home.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Thursday was fun.I was helping Carla my friend from church clean her classroom because it was mess.We did not finish but almost.I was talking to her and the litter girl that love me so much.M y sister was playing with her friends and talking to the phone.They was playing with a ball and the litter girl were playing too.Then I was cleaning the TV and the book shell and it was fun I was doing it my own way.Also I was talking to the litter girl and the were asking a lot of question and I had to answer then they were having fun.Then it finish and we all went home.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My day

Yesterday was fun.I went to church and we practice 2 song that is it.Then we were practice the drama for mother's day and it was funny and cool every went well then we still practicing and just having fun.Then I was playing we the 2 litter girl and they were sweet so sweet.Then we finish and we went home but after that i was mad because something happened that got me sad.Then Vanessa did something that she is not suppose to do and I got mad but it was all right ans right know I kind still mad.Then I went home I went to sleep.That was mu day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why do I have to think about a career now?

I thinking about careers right know because I want to be better person and be successful when I grow up.Is important because I have to start thinking about my career so I could know what I am going to do in the future.I want to know what I am going to be when I grow up.I know this project is going to help me because when I really know what I want to do I going to try to be a so hd to be a professional and a good one.I start to think about my career because is time for me to start and I am still thinking but I will find something that I will like and be good on it.Sometime I change something I don't but I will know what I like what I really like to do.When I do find what I want to be I will be professional. The best one.

Is Steve Harmon innocent or guilty?

I think he is innocent because he sound innocent.I think he was not the one that did all the bad stuff.I think at night when everybody was sleeping and it when fast.I think that king is the one who plan this and did all the bad stuff.I think Steve know bobo because he was there.I think he is friend because he want to be cool.

Sometimes our friends could influence with bad stuff or good but that happened when you let your self go. Steve was influence by there friend because the pressure him to do bad stuff.No I never did bad stuff just because people tell me to.Is important to choose wisely because you don't want to choose the bad friend and you want to choose good friend.O'Brien feel that he could choose better friends.

I think he is negative influence by them he is not like that .Steve ha nothing in common with my friends because they are not the same.There different is that they are funny and he is not he is in jail and they are not.He want to be cool and that everyone respect him.

My friend

I have friend well he is like my brother he know well he is the brother of Ebert my other best friend.His name Wilson Ramirez and he is so sweet and nice.He is the best person he is always there for me and everyone else.He help you if you have a problem and if you are sad he make you happy and he is like my brother my older brother but is a funny person and he is the best and also he sing and play every instrument and he has a beautiful voice just like his brothers ans sisters.I love him so much as a brother to me and he love every body too.Wilson and Ebert are the best friends and the brothers.