Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Going to Connecut

I was mad this past days because every Sunday I had to go to Connecut why because the pastor in my church said to my parent that they had to go to Connecut for 4 days to talk about the bible to 4 people.Then Sunday I went and the man from Connecut told if we want to eat Brazil food it was OK but not that much.This woman was talking to me in portugues which I did not understand nothing and they were watching this TV show in Brazil and it was funny so I had fun.


Today this teacher told us the she want to film us on T.v show and she told us that we had to wear our uniform we all got happy but I did not got that happy because I don't like being in TV maybe when I am older but not now.Then right now we are filming but the teacher is saying that we had to look like we are working but we are really not so she said that we have to look like we are typing witch some of us are not typing but I am typing so is really boring is not fun.So everything is going to be OK.Next we do a lot of stuff now we are finish filming and everybody is happy
1st paragraph-
The game that I enjoyed the most was called
Wizard Poetry. In this game I studied the following skills alliteration and more . In order to win this game I had to read what the goblet sentence and we had to see what figurative language . The thing I enjoyed most about this game was getting point and compitive with my friend . My partner was Heidi. (State whether you or your partner won). To play this game go to this linkWizard Poetry.

2nd paragraph-
The game that I enjoyed the 2nd most was called Pirate Spelling. In this game I studied the following skills was to spell words. In order to win this game I had to know how to spell the words . The thing I enjoyed most about this game was spelling. My partner was Heidi. (State whether you or your partner won). To play this game go to this linkPirate Spelling.

The game that I least enjoyed was called Simile or Metaphor . In this game I studied the following skills simile and metaphor . In order to win this game I had to know all of this. The thing I least enjoyed about this game was that is it was boring. My partner was Heidi. (State whether you or your partner won). To play this game go to this linkSimile or Metaphor.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The games

Today in class we play some games and it was fun we were suppose to have a partner to compete and see who win.We some of the games like figurative language game,and create a metaphor, sink the opponents battleship and it was a lot of fun and sometime I win or my partner so I had a lot of fun and it was easy.I play easy medium and hard and the hard one I lost it was not that hard but they one the took my ship but at list I had fun playing does games.


Saturday I had fun had fun it was the the goodbyes of unmarried of Raquel and Wilson.First what happened was that I got to church at 4:00 to help the people who was getting the stuff very.Then people came and they were sit down in the tables.Next I finish what I was doing then I found out that the pastor from PA is going to come here with his wife and kids and I got so happy because I know them and there kids.Then they came and the first I did is said Hi and then I start to play with kids and they are so cute.The pastor name is Mac and his wife name is Surama and guest what there baby are boys and there name is Brando,Bralit,Bryan and is funny because they are all with the letter B.The big one that has 4 year old is Brando and the smaller one is Bralit that has like 2 years old and the smallest that is about 1 year or months is Bryan and I love them.I was playing with Bralit the whole time then it stared then Mac said can you take care of Bralit and I said yes so I was with him he whole time.Then they pick me to play in a game but I couldn't because I had the baby so my mom said give to me I will take care of him so you can play so I gave him to her and he was screaming but them was OK then the game finish and then I went to sit down and then Bralit open his arms to me to take him and I did.Then we were playing more games then there was one game that is to design a wedding dress out of toilet paper and tape,a bow and if we wanted use something else you only can use it for the hair and only for the hair.Then the choose who won and it was a litter girl from the other group but who cares.Then we just had fun and then they gave the cake and the cake was good so we all had fun and I finally get to see the the baby.Also I almost forgot
my father left the celebration to go with his friend to go see the soccer game at home but then they came back to help clean the stuff and nobody notice.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rolando birthday

Today is Rolando birthday.Rolando is like my father but my second father.Today he turn 48 year old.I am in church today but my parent and me and some other people came early to prepare everything for the suprised party for him then his wife said that he was sad because he though that everyone forget his birthday but we did not.Then his wife said I going to this track him.Then all the people came and there was a lot of people.Then it was the big moment we turn all the lites off and then he came and we all said HAPPY BIRHDAY he got so happy really happy.Then everything was well and we all had fun.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


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Today when I woke up It was beautiful.I when walking by my self because my friend is not hear
but I am not scared.Today in school we learn a lot.So I had fun at lunch.Today I am going to church so I hope I have fun too.

Monday, March 23, 2009


There once was a girl named Claudia.
Who ate crabs until she had cramp.
But the crabs did not care,
To be so nice.
They were so happy.


such lovely kitty
sweet heart,pretty girls,nice and mean

Big day

Raquel and Willson

They are having a wedding

I am so happy

All about me

Sibling of Sandy and kelly
Lover of My sweet family
Who fears people who were mask
Who needs good grades
Who gives help to friend and family
Who would like to see happiness on everybody face
Resident of NY

Journal Assignment

Journal Assignment Two-Step Equations

Name:Meily Herrera

T-mobile charges $34.99 a month for phone service. They also charge $0.48 per minute for long distance calls. If Joshua's bill was $64.75, how many minutes of long distance calls did she make?

Part A - Write an equation that can be used to solve the problem.

Equation: .48m+34.99=64.75

Part B - Solve your equation and answer the question in a complete sentence.

What I did is first is I knew that I had to put m by it self .Then to put m by it self I had to subtract 64.75-34.99 and I got 29.76.Then I still had .48m so I divide .48 ÷29.76 and I got 62.He made 62 minutes.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Funny Honey





Its a happy day
Is to have fun with your friends
Summer is the best.

Singing is the best
I love to sing when I am home
I have so much fun.

Ms.Sa is the best
I love how she teaches math
She is the coolest.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What we learn in the museum

We learn about a lot of things the cultural and history and they also told us stories.
We learn a lot about different cultural there music,dance,clothes.They are so different
there are different clothes we saw there clothes is really different.
We learn that they made clothes out of animal skin and teeth.
Also to get food they had to kill animals which is OK but at they same time is bad.
I also learn that they make parties with mask and I was scared when I saw them.
They also make shoes out of the same skin of animals.That what I learn and I learn more.

A young lady

You must be a young lady name Sue
Who could ride on the road with the flu
you might think I will say
you can come for the play
Then we'll eat my dessert at the zoo.

My blog

My blog is the best
My blog is shiny and pink too.
My blog is like my diary that I write everyday
beautifull the best blog ever.
I love my blog
is so cool.
You can imagen what other color it has.

The best trip

Yesterday I went to a trip to the Native American Museum it was OK it was kind of boring.
First we went to the train Carla Heidi and Ms.Horan and me went together in the same train and we were talking and having fun.Then went to the museum we had to take our stuff out to past through the scan it felt yous like school.Then we put are lunches and are jackets in a box. Then we went to a room to wait for a guy to explain what is the museum about than he took us in the same room to look at the mask and clothes they were weird.Then he took us to the fashion show witch it wasn't one is not like ladies walking with the clothes it yous clothes all over the place.
Then we went to the bathroom and then we went to a litter park right next to n we were eating and taking pictures with our friends and teacher.Then we saw a panda well it was a guy dress as a panda some of the girls went to see him and take pictures with the panda.Next Ms.SA decide to go to the other park next to the museum and the train because it was bigger for us to play.So we had a lot of fun in park also we saw some boys call the positive guys they were dancing and screaming to all of us.Then Ms.Horan took Heidi,Carla and me to see the statue of liberty not that close but we saw it but for Heidi was that first time seeing the statue of liberty for her she was surprised.So everything was the best except when we went to the train to go back home because we did not seat down for the whole ride we were standing up talking and I was tired.Then Zuanette and me went walking back home from the train it was a long walk.I got home at 4:10 because I had to go with Zuanette to pick up her brother than I had to pick my sisters from the bus.So I was so tired but it was the best trip ever.

Friday, March 13, 2009

What happened this week

This week was OK also this week I took the math test.On Tuesday I took
part 1 it was not easy not hard it was in between but I understand it expect one that
I did not know how to do so I guess I still show my work but I now I got it wrong.On Wednesday
I took part 2 also it was also not that hard and not that easy I did not understand some of them
the thing was that I not that good at explaining but I study how to do it but I know I did good.
Part 2 was hard than part 1 because like I said I had to explain and in part one I did not have to explain.I think my grade will be a 3 or a 2 because I try my best to past my test.It took me like an 1 hour in a half to finish the test because I got stuck in one which it was hard and I did go over my answer until I was sure that it was my final score.

Also the quiz I took in ELA it was not that hard once you know everything you are OK .The most
difficult was the part I had to write a poem on AABBA but I still did it.The quiz today was on ELA was hard it was to much writen but I did it still.The grade I think I got is a 75 or 80 I really don't know.

Aim:How Do We Evaluate Algerbraic Expressions?


Math Problem
The Different between variable and constant is that variable it represent a number that can be vary and a constant is
that the number never change it stay the same.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


http://www.clker.com/cliparts/7/b/a/b/1197149873114124329nicubunu_Smile_face.svg.hi.png Sing Sing Sing
Is The Best
I Love To Sing Yous Like My Sister.
My Friend Also Like Love To Sing


I was crying like a cloud raining
right know I am so sad
I am mad mean I am in a bad mood
nobody bother me at noon
I feel like want to scream so loud (AAAAAA)
Also is like my bed screaming to me to stop crying
I am so sad right know that I am about to cry.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Bff Ebert

I have a BFF he name is Ebert
He is a nice guy and help me a lot
when I need him he is always there
he is like my superman well for us.
I love him so much as a brother
and like I always wish I had a big brother
I told him he is my big brother
also if I cry he try to make me happy
and if he see me cry a lot he cry with me
so that is way I love him and he is my BFF


Monday, March 9, 2009

My BFF Claudia

I have a BFF name Claudia
I new her since I was 8 year old and she was 11 we always together.
She is like a shiny star that glow everyday.
She always with me if I need her.
If I am sad she always find a way to make me laugh .
Even if we fight and we are not talking to each other she is still there for me.
She is like a sister to me we always tell each other secret.
If she cry I cry with her the same thing she does to me.
She is my BFF.

Saturday & Sunday

Saturday and Sunday was worst day ever.I was in the house with my sisters and parent I was bored I had nothing to do only watch TV.My sister was in the living room doing the same thing that I was doing.Then On Sunday my parent had to go to Connecticut in train and they ask me if I want to go I said no thank you I want to stay with my sisters home. Then guess what happened they gave me $14.00 dollar to spend but not only for me but for my sisters and me so I went to the store and I by some stuff I only wasted $7.50 and that is it.Then I went home and do the same thing I was doing last Saturday.So it was the worst day and a good day.

Thursday, March 5, 2009



She goes to school
Heidi,Carla is nice
Carolyn,Gri,Linda is also my friends

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


There was a new teacher from spain who have pain she was insain
Who teach spanish
The Principal came in and said you are the new teacher
And said yes I have pain

Then the kids said she is so insein.

I like Hearts I do it in art there a lot of part that is not that hard
my sister way I say I don't know way
But I like it so much.