Friday, February 27, 2009


I read Bronx Masquerade is about kids life in high school and at home.
They been doing open mike that mean saying a poem they wrote.I meet I a lot of people like Sterling S.Hughes,Tanisha Scott,Devon Hope,Janelle Battle,Diondra Jordan,Lupe Algarin,and more.I like this book because it talk about people life like what happend when they were in high school.Like there life change once they get to
high school.They go to Open Mike to share what they have and there life but as a poem.I like so much that I can not say nothing that I dislike.I can relate not the most but part of it is Lupe Algarin and Sterling S.Hughes.

What I have in common with Lupe is that Lupe and me loves baby.I love them so much that I wish my mom had other one but she doesn't want to because its to much work.I also could relate to
Sterling S.Hughes because she believe in God yous like me.She also believe that she could do better and I believe that I can do better too.I like the characters from Bronx Masquerade then any book because they are like real people like they are the ones that are right there telling us about them.

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