Friday, March 13, 2009

What happened this week

This week was OK also this week I took the math test.On Tuesday I took
part 1 it was not easy not hard it was in between but I understand it expect one that
I did not know how to do so I guess I still show my work but I now I got it wrong.On Wednesday
I took part 2 also it was also not that hard and not that easy I did not understand some of them
the thing was that I not that good at explaining but I study how to do it but I know I did good.
Part 2 was hard than part 1 because like I said I had to explain and in part one I did not have to explain.I think my grade will be a 3 or a 2 because I try my best to past my test.It took me like an 1 hour in a half to finish the test because I got stuck in one which it was hard and I did go over my answer until I was sure that it was my final score.

Also the quiz I took in ELA it was not that hard once you know everything you are OK .The most
difficult was the part I had to write a poem on AABBA but I still did it.The quiz today was on ELA was hard it was to much writen but I did it still.The grade I think I got is a 75 or 80 I really don't know.

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