Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The best trip

Yesterday I went to a trip to the Native American Museum it was OK it was kind of boring.
First we went to the train Carla Heidi and Ms.Horan and me went together in the same train and we were talking and having fun.Then went to the museum we had to take our stuff out to past through the scan it felt yous like school.Then we put are lunches and are jackets in a box. Then we went to a room to wait for a guy to explain what is the museum about than he took us in the same room to look at the mask and clothes they were weird.Then he took us to the fashion show witch it wasn't one is not like ladies walking with the clothes it yous clothes all over the place.
Then we went to the bathroom and then we went to a litter park right next to n we were eating and taking pictures with our friends and teacher.Then we saw a panda well it was a guy dress as a panda some of the girls went to see him and take pictures with the panda.Next Ms.SA decide to go to the other park next to the museum and the train because it was bigger for us to play.So we had a lot of fun in park also we saw some boys call the positive guys they were dancing and screaming to all of us.Then Ms.Horan took Heidi,Carla and me to see the statue of liberty not that close but we saw it but for Heidi was that first time seeing the statue of liberty for her she was surprised.So everything was the best except when we went to the train to go back home because we did not seat down for the whole ride we were standing up talking and I was tired.Then Zuanette and me went walking back home from the train it was a long walk.I got home at 4:10 because I had to go with Zuanette to pick up her brother than I had to pick my sisters from the bus.So I was so tired but it was the best trip ever.

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