Monday, March 30, 2009


Saturday I had fun had fun it was the the goodbyes of unmarried of Raquel and Wilson.First what happened was that I got to church at 4:00 to help the people who was getting the stuff very.Then people came and they were sit down in the tables.Next I finish what I was doing then I found out that the pastor from PA is going to come here with his wife and kids and I got so happy because I know them and there kids.Then they came and the first I did is said Hi and then I start to play with kids and they are so cute.The pastor name is Mac and his wife name is Surama and guest what there baby are boys and there name is Brando,Bralit,Bryan and is funny because they are all with the letter B.The big one that has 4 year old is Brando and the smaller one is Bralit that has like 2 years old and the smallest that is about 1 year or months is Bryan and I love them.I was playing with Bralit the whole time then it stared then Mac said can you take care of Bralit and I said yes so I was with him he whole time.Then they pick me to play in a game but I couldn't because I had the baby so my mom said give to me I will take care of him so you can play so I gave him to her and he was screaming but them was OK then the game finish and then I went to sit down and then Bralit open his arms to me to take him and I did.Then we were playing more games then there was one game that is to design a wedding dress out of toilet paper and tape,a bow and if we wanted use something else you only can use it for the hair and only for the hair.Then the choose who won and it was a litter girl from the other group but who cares.Then we just had fun and then they gave the cake and the cake was good so we all had fun and I finally get to see the the baby.Also I almost forgot
my father left the celebration to go with his friend to go see the soccer game at home but then they came back to help clean the stuff and nobody notice.

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