Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My weekend

My weekend was fun.On Friday I went home early because I was sick I did not feel right.Then I went to church and I had fun I was with my friend and my other friends.Then I had to teach the litter kids which is my class.Then it finish and then I was talking to my friends and then I had to leave so then my sister did something that she not suppose to do and I told her no you are not suppose to do that and I got mad.Then I went home and I went to sleep.Then it was Saturday I did not when to church because I had to go to Rolando house because my parent want to see him and his family.Then it was Sunday and I went to church I was dancing and helping and it was fun I was we my friends yous hanging out.Then Monday I went to 42 street and it was fun I saw all the light and many people but the best part was that my dad buy me ice latte and it taste good.So I had fun this weekend and it was the best.

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