Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Is Steve Harmon innocent or guilty?

I think he is innocent because he sound innocent.I think he was not the one that did all the bad stuff.I think at night when everybody was sleeping and it when fast.I think that king is the one who plan this and did all the bad stuff.I think Steve know bobo because he was there.I think he is friend because he want to be cool.

Sometimes our friends could influence with bad stuff or good but that happened when you let your self go. Steve was influence by there friend because the pressure him to do bad stuff.No I never did bad stuff just because people tell me to.Is important to choose wisely because you don't want to choose the bad friend and you want to choose good friend.O'Brien feel that he could choose better friends.

I think he is negative influence by them he is not like that .Steve ha nothing in common with my friends because they are not the same.There different is that they are funny and he is not he is in jail and they are not.He want to be cool and that everyone respect him.

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