Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We did IMOVE about Steve Harmon with my group and it was hard but we knew what we were dong and it was fun using IMovie ans we were also learning a lot.The best part of using IMovie was recording the voice because sometime we mess up and but we did not care.On Monday we show our video an people say that it was good and they say we did a great job.That student told us what we need to work on but still they day we did great.Well we really don't remember but they did not told something bad about the video.

We saw other video and I like them but some of them were really bad because they did not finish.I did love one and it was Marijo it was funny and it did have a lot information and it was good.I think our video was good not the best but good.I will say to the other student from other school that first learn how to do IMovie and have fun with it.I think they will understand because the information we say is god and it relate to the book.

To improve our film we are going put better music and better picture.Also talk more and have time to do it.

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