Monday, May 11, 2009

The best mother day ever and the best week.

This weekend was fun.On Friday I went to church and I dance and had fun and teach the kids.Then Saturday I went to church and I practice song and talking then I went home I did nothing.Then Sunday I went to church and I was dancing in front with my best friend Claudia which it was fun.Then I went to change because I had to do a drama.Then we did the drama and we had fun.Then Carla my friend from church told me to get the kids ready to do tell there mother something nice then they went up the stage and they all said something expect the litter girl put there mother were happy.Then me and my friend Claudia said let go up the stage and say something to our mom so we did.We were nerves but first my friends went and one my friend was Ivan and he could not say anything because he started to cry so it make me cry.Then Claudia went and she say something to her mom then when she finish she stared to cry so I started to cry more.Then it was my turn and when they call my name my mom stared to cry because she never saw me there telling her something to her in the stage so I told her that I love her and she is the best mom ever.Then I gave her a hug and a flower and she was happy.Then everything finish and we all went home.

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