Friday, May 29, 2009


Thursday I went to church.I went and I was waiting for my litter girl so I can play with them but somebody was coming but it was not the litter girl it was my brother Ebert and I say hi to him and he went to a room to watch a movie.Then my litter girl cames and I stay with them th whole time and my sisters and me was playing with them.Then my sisters friend came which is Vanessa and we started playing with her too.Then my other fake sister and brother came which it was Maria Jose and Mariano and we was playing with them.Then the litter girl was asking me can I want ice cream and I saw ask your mom they say no I don't want to ask my mom so I say then I don't know.Then Maria Jose and Mariano,Kelly,Sandy was fighting we Vanessa and I was talking to her that what happen she said nothing.Then we was playing and having fun but I hit my self and Ebert starting laughing at me but he still care about me when I got hit.Then I stay a litter while watching the movie.Then it finish and we had to leave home and it was a great day.

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