Monday, June 8, 2009

My Weekend

My weekend was the best.On Friday like always I went to church but with out my parent and sisters because my mom was felling bad so I went with other parent.Then I saw my friends and my litter girls.Then I was helping Carla with the kids.Then we went home and they was making jokes.Then Saturday I went to church again and I had fun and also the kids was crying and I had to control them.Then I went home and my mom and dad was cleaning because people was coming and they did and there was a lot of food.We eat and laugh and see the soccer game on the T.V.Then they was screaming so much.Then it was Sunday I went to church and I saw some of my friends then I stay but then I had to leave because we was going some were.Then my dad say no let go to the park so we went and we had a lot of fun.Then I got home and I went to sleep.

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