Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Yesterday it was crazy.I went to school and I stay the whole day working with Mr.Ackerman I went home at 5:00.It was dot2dot and a lot of people came Heidi family came and Carla family and my parent and.Then went I got home I fall asleep then my parent woke me up because we was going to church.Then we went to church I was there in church and Mayu was there and she was in class alone and I told her that her sister is here she said no.Then I remember that my sisters was not Mayu friends but then I went inside with Mayu and we was playing and laughing .Then Mayu become Sandy friend and they was playing too.Then Mayu become Kelly friend too so they was all happy.Then we went home and I went to sleep. Then I could not go to sleep because I went to sleep already but I did not care I was listening to music and then I went to sleep.

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