Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Poverty affect the characters because they get the characters sick and they died.They keep getting sick because they don't have no food and no doctor so they keep getting sick.Well I will find a job and I will work harder and the money that I get would be for the us to eat.Also I will try so hard to find a job. That she is not trying to be strong and she is not even trying to find a job for her to work and she is not trying to to give there family a better life.What the father did wrong is that he try to find a job but not hard enough and the money that he had he wasted all on drinking with his friend and he would not give a litter bit of money to buy food to his kids.

They live like this because they did not have a job a good job and not a god place to live.What can help this family is a good job and a safe place so they wont get sick.I do not know anyone that live like this.The poverty is worst in Ireland then American because over there they died and in here they died but not that soon.

Is different the poverty in American because they don't died fast and it take time and in Angela's Ashes they died faster.To don't give up and to keep trying to fin a good job and if they have a litter bit of money don't wasted on drink wasted on food.

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