Friday, June 5, 2009

Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday I went to church I had a lot of fun at first but then I did not because I got mad but I kind of mad right now but not the much.I was all my friends talking.Then I went home and then my mom friend said are you OK and I said yes she said for real because I know you when you are mad but I say no everything is OK.Then it was Thursday and I went to church too then I saw my friend and I did not say anything to him but then he said something to me but I was silent.Then my litter girls came and I stared to play with them the Ebert call me and he said what was wrong I say nothing then he say there is something because every time that you come you always say hi to me and this time you did not I say no is that I went with my daddy he OK.Then he said tell me I am you brother you can tell me anything then I was making excuses but then I told him the he said well tomorrow we are going to fix this so I say OK find.So everything was OK.

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