Monday, April 6, 2009

The best weekend

This week was the best week I had fun with all my friend.My best friend did not came on Friday or Saturday because she was sick really sick but I call her to see how she is doing she said she is OK.Then I was you hang out with my other best friend and my friends we were singing and laughing and yous having fun.I was with my sister on Saturday they had fun too.Then it was Sunday my best friend came I was happy I was hang out with her the hold time.Then she told me a secrete that involve me which I not going to say what it is but I only told Carla.Then we were living to go home but some of us had to stay which is my parent that they had to stay but not for ling time.Then when it finish we went to a buffet with my dad and my mom and me,sister friend and the food was good and I had fun then I went fun and yous relax that is it.I had a lot of fun.

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