Monday, April 27, 2009

My Weekend

My Weekend was fun.Friday I went to church because I had to sing then they put me to teach the litter kids because from know on I have to teach on Friday.Then Saturday I went to church again because I had to go practice and it was fun.I was talking with my friends and having fun and singing but my sister where there because I had to take care of them but a litter girls was there so they where playing with them.Then Sunday I went to church because I had to sing then I went my class with the litter kids because on Sunday I have to help the teacher.Then I went to eat there and we stay a long time.Then I went to the park to central park and it was beautiful and I went with my family and my aunt and uncle,cousin.We where having a lot of fun and I was with my baby cousin which her name is Andrea and she is cute so cute.Then we went home and watch a litter bit of TV then we went to sleep.That was my day.

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