Friday, April 24, 2009

People call each other names

The names we call are powerful so powerful like for one litter name they make the person really mad and feel sad.Sometime people call each other names well there are many reason like this one like when they come to school and there are fight they get so mad that they don't know how they could expressed them self so for them the easier way for them is to call other people name with out thinking.Sometime they call people name and they don't even know that if they call people name they are hearting them but at the same time they are hearting them self why because my mom tell me that if you call people bad name you don't realize that you are saying to you self.Well I use to call people names when I did not new that I was hearting them so I STOP then I never call people names.I that time i did think how they feel I did not care but then I did.

I think that in the book call Monster this woman call Steve Monster because they accuse him of stealing and killing people too and also because he was a bad person.Well I don't call people name because I don't like that because I think how they feel and then I think that if they say that to me I will feel bad too.Steve feel bad horrible of people calling him MONSTER because he realize that he is not a good men and people are scare of him.Well I think he do feel like a monster because he know what bad stuff he did so maybe he does call him self monster.I think he is because like I say he did a lot of bad stuff and all does bad stuff also refer to killing.I really can say if you are in
innocent or guilty like I have to know him really well.

I think jury does think that he is a monster because he know his case and all the bad stuff he did .If I was Jury I will think that because I will know what bad stuff he did.I think if I was Jury I would feel like the people are telling the true that he is.The book is call MONSTER because he did bad stuff he did not have respect and he kill people and he steal a lot of stores with his group and also because a lot of people knew what he did and they were scared of him so they call him MONSTER.

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Ms. Bentley said...

Meilly, your writing is improving so much! I am very happy for you. Please keep writing. Use spellcheck before you publish and read it out loud to yourself before you publish also. Keep up the great work!