Monday, April 27, 2009

Racism today

I feel racism still exist because I still here people saying mean stuff about each other or to other people.Well they are many ways to know that Racism exits like when they call to each other or to other people mean name like ''she has a bad laugh'' or ''look at her she ugly because she is white'' so they are many name and ways for me I never say to a person something like because I don't like that.I never experienced racism and I don't know why because I always were fine with people.Steve Harmon did experience racism because they call him monster because what he did and because he was black.

I think there is racism in this country'
s court systems because some people say mean stuff to people in there.Well they can not be fair because they are racism or if they not they it is fair.I think no because he steal and he did bad stuff.I think that she is racism because she was talking mean stuff to him and she is not a good person.

I think that the people feel that our
country's court systems are racism because they some of them goes to does court and they know how they are and what they say about the people or each other.I feel that they are more black people because they do more bad stuff not that is only them but they been doing in it a lot.

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