Monday, April 20, 2009

My week

My Week was the best.I had fun since Friday which it was last week.I had on Sunday which it was last week there was a wedding of Wilson & Rachel and it was the best because it was simple and fast.Then this whole week I took care of Vanessa my sister friend because her mom was working and mom too then Tuesday I went to the park with my family and friend we went to central park it was cold but not the much.Then I went to church and sing then something happened which i can not tell.Then it was Saturday I call my friend that I was not coming to church to practice because I was going to see my baby cousin I was happy that I was going to see her and her brother and sister.Then I went I saw her and she is pretty and so cute her name is Andrea and her sister name is Anahi and her bother name is Angel Gabriel.Then I went to the fair with my cousins so it was fun.Sunday we went again to the fair but with my friends and we had fun for the first time I went to the fairy wheel and it was not scary at all it was fun I went twice and I eat ice cream.Then I went DD and my dad buy me a ice latte and it was good.Then we went home and we went to sleep.So it was the best week.

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