Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday

This day was fun.Tuesday I was watching the TV until 11:00.Then I was eating and playing some games.Wednesday I was at home I did not went to the trip because I did not want to.What I did is I was watching TV and helping my mom clean.Then something happened I cut my hair it was nice and pretty.Then I want to church and people say your look nice is pretty.I was so happy that I cut my hair but some of my friends say why did you cut your hair it was so pretty long I say because I don't like it long.Then I went home and I was watching TV then I went to sleep.Thursday I went to school and I had fun then I went to church then I was crying but it was because I was allergic to cat so I was in the floor and the fur was there so I star to sneeze and cry but then I was OK so I had fun.

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